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The Overweight Girls Summer Song- A Parody of Disney’s Frozen “Olaf’s Summer Song”

Welcome to The Home of 20-40lbs to Sexy: The Exercise and Meal Plan For A Healthier Sexier Version of You!

EZSEXYFIT.COM is the weightloss website for any women who are interested in reaching their weightloss goals the Easy and Sexy way! Join the EZ Sexy Fit “Sexy Dance Squad!” Learn sexy dances that help tone your body and also helps you lose weight.

All EZ Sexy Fit books and videos are dedicated to any women who struggle with their weight. You are beautiful no matter what size you are. If you are unhappy with your weight, you must find an exercise and meal plan that will help you reach your weightloss goals!


Words Of Wisdom

“You must create balance, positive thoughts, and positive energy in order to be healthy. For what good is a great body if you have a broken mind?”

-Christine Alicia, Gayle CEO of Crazy Sexy Fun Fitness, Inc

About The Author

Christine Alicia Gayle

Hi, my name is Christine, and I am CEO of Crazy Sexy Fun Fitness, Inc. I have always struggled with my weight throughout my entire life. My mom told me I was thin as a child, but after puberty, my weight was never the same. I have been Skinny/Fat since the age of 14. (Which inspired my podcast name “The Skinny Fat Crazy Lady.”)

During my high school, and college years, I was an avid yo-yo dieter. I was a cheerleader in high school (Yes, I was a “sometimes” overweight cheerleader!) and I was a member of a dance squad in college (Yes, I have always been a great dancer!) I would always lose weight, but I struggled with maintaining my weight loss. I’ve lost weight several times in my life, now after many years of trial and errors, I’ve finally learned how to keep the weight off!

I’ve used this plan to lose weight twice! It always works!!!!


In April 2015 I was able to reach my weight-loss goal. By using my exercise and meal plan,  I lost 50 pounds within 4 months. 2 years after achieving my weight-loss goal, I had gained back 30 pounds. The weight gain was a result of my lack of exercise and the fact that I did not stick to my weight-loss maintenance meal plan. After getting back on my plan, I was able to lose 30 pounds in 3 months! This plan works every time!!!! 

My 20-40LBS to Sexy Exercise & Meal Plan is the Ultimate guide to losing weight and keeping it off. You can use this plan to reach your weight loss goals, no matter what your goal may be!

You must continue your healthy eating habits and daily exercise routine to maintain your weight and prevent weight gain.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions: Click here or email me at coaching@ezsexyfit.com.

Sexy Dance #2


How To Do The Jamaican Slow Wine

How To Exercise with EZ SEXY FIT Dance Videos

Step 1. Choose the “Step By Step” sexy dance video that you are interested in learning.

Step 2. Watch/Practice each dance.

Step 3. Have fun and dance like no ones watching!

Remember: Practice makes perfect. The more you practice your sexy dances the better you become and the sexier you will feel while dancing.

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